Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The call of the snackapalooza

Hope everyone is having a great week. Just got home and I love landing in the dark in Calgary. All the lights are so pretty and they go on forever.

My two days at site went well. Didn't touch a french fry, used 6 flex points on Monday but that's it and I'm under 2pts today (I'm trying not eat 2hrs before bedtime) though I may have a glass of milk. That's 6/35 on day 4 of WW week.

I was sitting at my desk today and I actually felt the snackapalooza vibe kick in. I felt a little different and then there was the instinct to go find food. Well I had a bag of celery sticks next to me so I ate a couple of those and wrote "Discipline above Desire" on the bottom of my tracking page. I'm watching that closely and will be viligent. Day 11 of tracking dang it and I want to make it to Day 14. This has to be the first time I've recognized the urge before actually inhaling something like a chocolate bar.

Water was a little tricky on Monday but I got the 6 glasses in - I normally shoot for 8. Today I'm on target.

I made up a 30min yoga practice to do on Monday as my computer couldn't get an internet connection for me to log in to myyogaonline.com.

I was on the plane thinking do I really want to lug my computer and my gym bag to work tomorrow. I then thought don't be an idiot, you can handle lugging your computer and gym bag to work tomorrow and you haven't done Cardio since Sunday.

If you're interested in the recipes I pictured the other day, I did put the links on the posting the day before or go to www.cookwithcampbells.ca and you'll see it.

Alright my friends I now need to take out the garbage and unpack.

Until tomorrow...hugs!!


Enz said...

Great job fighting the snack demons with celery and self talk.

Kelly said...

I like that quote! Discipline above desire. I'm going to use that.

I almost went on a binge yesterday but chewed some mint gum to stop myself. It actually worked. No one wants to eat munchies after having mint. Unless it's chocolate. mmmm But seriously, I never want to eat after brushing my teeth so I'm hoping the same thing will work with the gum. At least one disaster has been averted because of it. lol

You're really doing great. Just keep it up! :)