Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mind over matter

Hello again my friends,

I'm back home again and the trip home was relatively uneventful with the plane taxing forever to where we get off and the 7 car pile up on the way home in the cab.

Today I packed my lunch in the to go kitchen again assembling my chef salad. This time I scooped the egg yolk out and just ate the white. Then I realized I should have grabbed more eggs. If 3 egg whites are 1pt, that's an awesome way to add the protein to the salad.

When I got home I had to shovel my sidewalk and I do feel pretty zonked when I get off the plane. The plan was yoga tonight and I had to fight myself to do it. I convinced myself to just roll out the mat and change into yoga friendly clothes. Then I thought you can just do one episode of Namaste as opposed to two. I just started and kept going through the 2nd episode. I've done the Exalted Warrior and Sun/Moon episodes 3 times now. Tomorrow I'll do Sun/Moon and the 3rd episode.

A co-worker who's based in Fort Mac is in Calgary for a few days so she's going to come with me to the gym tomorrow. That's handy motivation as I now I have to go. I was planning to any way but that extra influence isn't a bad thing.

On track for day 4 in a row. Yes my counting OP days has restarted since my Edmonton trip.

Alright I'm going to watch BL on the dvr and then to bed for me.

Later, hugs!!!

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