Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Some lessons take time

Time ran away from me yesterday as I worked a longer day and everything got pushed back from then on.

Did a ton of walking around yesterday which added up to an hour, this included walking across site to a meeting (15min), treadmill in a super hot room (30min) and having to trek up and down a stupid long haul way 3 times because my camp room key didn't work (15min)- while lugging a computer bag and a duffle bag.

Food wise was not so incredibly fantastic and it started to go down hill yesterday night. Probably because I was super tired being up at 4am and awake until 11pm. Though I did sleep super well as my alarm took me by surprise this morning.

Today was not so hot either as I got a little bit of disappointing news and the lunch options kind of sucked today. I did not pack my lunch in the to go kitchen this morning and suffered the consequences.

I have definitely not mastered the emotional eating, however I did have the flexpoints so all is not lost.

Diligence must return so that I can see 186 on the scale on Saturday. I am confident that I'll do it.

Got the yoga paws today and they're neat. I just tried the hand part on and it's cushioned. I'm thinking I'll love this during downward dog as that always kills my hands.

Alright my friends I'm a little zonked so it's early to bed for moi.



H-woman said...

Have to bail on Sunday--going out of town for funeral and not sure when we'll be back. Sorry!

Disappointing news always sucks.
H =)

Jackson4 said...

Heard about the news today. Unbelievable.