Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gym buddy

40min of cardio is completed on the treadmill after work. I had my work mate with me and time flew as we chatted. I didn't need my ipod even.

I had intended to more yoga tonight but right now I think my priority is a hot bath. It was a fairly busy day and I'm feeling a wee stressed.

I applied for a new job at work and my current co-workers are super supportive and very encouraging and it's freaking me out. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate their positive thoughts but I don't want to get my hopes up to wind up disappointed.

I just want to focus on what's in front of me and whatever happens will happen.

Food wise I dipped into flex today as I was busy with other work mates and they bought me lunch. I didn't where we were going. It was Chinese food, I had zip idea on points so I tried to choose well. I did o.k but some of that stuff counted higher than I thought.

Tomorrow I'm with them again. I think I'll steer them the way of Subway. My gym bag is already packed for another date with the treadmill.

I'm debating taking Friday as a flex day. I think I just might.

Hope you all had a fabulous day.


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Counting Girl said...

Good luck on the job. I am job hunting myself and hate the up and down - a big up when I get an interview and then crash when it doesn't work out.

I like your attitude of whatever happens, happens - I'm trying to embrace it myself!