Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In the throws of self sabotage

Why is it that one can be completely focused and then whammo it all falls apart. I was super tracking girl and for the past few days I track after the fact. I'm not planning, I'm not thinking it through. I'm just sort of waffling.

The first step is realizing where you've gone wrong so that's a good thing. I noticed the same thing happening with my co-workers in the fitness challenge. Everyone was coasting, so I changed things up again now it's back to individuals - no more groups. I think everyone has to be individually responsible for their actions so tada it begins.

I was watching the news this morning and saw a Jenny Craig commercial with Valerie Bertinelli, this was a new commercial. So I wondered what happened to Queen Latifah, wasn't she the new Jenny girl. I had thought the other day that shouldn't be seeing a new "progress" commercial with Queen L? I wonder if she's dropped out.

I signed up for a yoga class in my community hall starting May 13, $60 for 6 weeks - quite the deal me thinks.

Random thoughts done for the day...take a minute today to appreciate yourself.


Fatinah said...

good thing you caught yourself before you got too far off track!

$60 for six weeks of yoga is a screaming deal!

jodi said...

wow, $60 is super cheap - i so miss taking pilates! :o(

i was all set to get back on track today and then went to starbucks - damn coffeecake! 8 points for sugar and flour! :o(