Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Whoo Hooo!

This is what I yelled in my living room last night when the two remaining women on Biggest Loser beat the two boys. OMG, I don't know what they did in a week to lose over 10lbs each. So now America votes between Roger and Mark for the final spot in the final 3.

Now if America wants a woman to win I think they should vote Mark in as he's pretty much lost most of the weight. If they vote Roger back in...well it should be interesting. I think Ali is pretty close to being done so I'm now cheering on Kelly. I've always been partial to the black team :)

The yelling at work was not related to the weigh in :) More two people who know better acting like 2 year olds. We shall wait and see what happens with this.

Potluck today! I've been seeing the food roll in and I'm very happy I had a low point breakfast. I have planned this potluck into my day.

I got my new WW scale today, I'm so excited to take it home tonight. My old one will now live at work for the Fitness Challenge workouts. The new one measure body fat and hydration. I'm intrigued as to what it will say.

These are the musings for this morning, I may be back later.

Have a great day!


Fatinah said...

my fav to win is Roger - even though he's a boy.
I can't believe how gaunt Mark looks.

Jim Purdy said...

I must be the only person in America who has never watched the Biggest Loser program. I guess I'll have to watch it sometime. Thanks for sharing!