Sunday, April 06, 2008

Journey back to the gym

I went to the gym today. I actually walked there and back. According my Mio I did an hour and a half worth of exercise today (I burned 160cal just from house to the gym). At the gym I did bit of lower body weights to figure out what bugged my knee and what didn't. I considered other weight machines but they all confused me a bit.

I've been reading this new book called New Rules of Lifting for Women and in it the author mentions that weight machines are not necessarily the best way to go as they don't reflect natural movement. Don't quote me but for example doing a free weight exercise will use more muscles then doing a move on a weight machine. I would have to say I agree.

I was watching some of the women use these machines and honestly after my dabble back into it (it's been a long time that I've used these machines) I think I get a more thorough weight workout with my Jari Love - Ripped dvds. So on Tuesday when I head back to the gym I'll take my Biggest Loser workout book that uses mostly free weights with me and give that a go. If I'm doing weight training at home it will be back to Jari.

I also lasted 10min on the devil spawn machine (elliptical trainer). I have friends who say this machine replicates natural movement, I totally disagree - I don't move like that naturally. The trainer dude on X-Weighted doesn't like it either. Plus it bugged my knee, so I moved on the hamster wheel (treadmill) and did an additional 20min on that at a good clip of 3.8 and that didn't bug my knee at all.

I tried the calories burned function on my Mio and according to that in the 1hr and 30min which included walking to and from, elliptical, weights and treadmill I burned 800 calories. I had a pretty good heart rate going and I checked it often to make sure the Mio was reading correctly. Now I'm not sure how accurate that thing is. Mio claims it's accurate.

My plan for this week is to do just cardio tomorrow, go for a walk and dig out my garmin. Then Tues and Thurs will be gym. Wed just cardio. Friday off as I find if I workout the day before weigh in the results are goofy.

This is also the week before TOM which I lovingly refer to as Snackapalooza week. I will keep careful eye on that. I've managed to lose during this week before and the trick is to keep up the water.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Fatinah said...

I used to have the same problem with the eliptical - it hurt my knees UNTIL I tried a different machine. My gym actually has 4 different models. I found a model that has a different swing or something and it doesn't bother my knee at all. Paul from X-weighted doesn't like the eliptical because ALL it does is burn calories. I just don't see how that is bad!!

Speaking of X-weighted - I just watched an episode this morning where the gal ended up telling her husband she wanted a divorce on camera!!! Yikes!!! I can't imagine!

Good luck with snackapalooza week!!

Randi said...

hey hey! I've got that book! LOVE IT! Seems so obvious after you read it too.

good work in the gym!