Thursday, April 03, 2008

It works!!!!!!!

After painfully deleting and reinstalling Itunes....again and then plugging the damn thing into a usb port at the back of my desktop as opposed to the works. Plus it's completely up to date and it now has the 314 songs I had in Itunes plus Chap 1 & 2 of Oprah & Eckhardt in video. I still have 14G of memory to play with. I can synch my email to it...this is craziness.

This this itouch thing is funky. I dabbled a bit on itunes and it entered my consciousness that one can dowload tv shows and movies. Never will a Greyhound bus trip to Olds, AB be boring again.

I did contain myself and not purchase anything yet....I do now need a holder for it so I'll look into that.

I stayed on track food wise and have my day planned well today. It's just two days until weigh in, I can keep it together.

I have a new ebay obsession...Dyson vacuum cleaner. I really, really, really want one of these. Their stupid expensive but I've heard nothing but good things and I could probably leave it to someone when I'm 90. Oh yeah, I just got my bonus too. I'm not going to rush into anything as there are things my house needs far more than a new vacuum cleaner... but I'll keep my eye out.

Okay I did purchase one thing not off of ebay but from home depot...a new WW scale. This thing is funky, it measures hydration, body fat and weight and it will keep track for me. The one I have now is just weight - this old one will come to work for our challenge. Being a tracking obsessed person, I love to have new thing to track. Hey, it's how I amuse myself.

Alright...back to work.


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Fatinah said...

sure glad you got the ipod up and running.

I love those Dysons! I wish I had one!! What colour would you get???