Saturday, April 12, 2008

Whoa, slow down

So I was up 0.8 today, I'm okay with that - it could have been up 2lbs due to crazy PMS snackapalooza week. So 0.8 is actually a victory.

I tried out all the features on the new WW scale sitting in my bathroom. Today I programmed myself in so my weight, bmi, pounds of fat and percentage of fat are now in the little computer chip. Holy, did I almost have a heart attack when 81.1 flashed on the thing. I thought (for a moment) that this was my percentage of fat - OMG I'm blubber! No, this was pounds of out of the 181.2 of total weight apparently 81.1 is fat. That's a bit freaky, I need to do more research on what all these numbers mean and take in consideration it's the platform in my bathroom telling me all this. The weird thing is at weigh in I weighed 181.6. I'm not sure where the mysterious extra 0.4 came from, but the weeks ahead will show some comparable data.

My dad finally made it into the city today, which is good because according to the weather network next weekend will be snow.

I tried on clothes today, I hate trying on clothes. Before I went I watched an episode of Tim Gunn's style guide. (We Canadians finally have access to this.)I realized that no matter what size we are, we're never happy are we? As I stood in the dressing room looking at myself and thinking "Oh got a work on this, this ,this and this", for a moment I tried to think back to my starting weight and remember what I felt like trying on clothes then...I couldn't.

What I did realize is that my fire is lit, I'm more hell bent on this quest than ever before so what I see now is only for now.

So my friend's daughter's school is having a fundraiser via magazine subscriptions. You get a really good deal on magazines and the school gets a percentage. So I got Shape, Fitness, Yoga Journal and Runnner's funny am I?

Oh!!!! I got the Dyson on Friday, lugged the thing home on the bus and tried it that night. OMG this thing is amazing. Is it possible to fall in love with a vacuum cleaner. It was disgusting how much gunk came out of the carpet. Probably 6 times what my normal vacuum would have done. I want to vacuum again tomorrow...yes I'm pathetic...but clean :)

Alright my friends that's all I can think of today.

Tomorrow I'll report on the gym visit with the books on strength training and whatever else pops into my head between now and then.

Have a groovy weekend!!!


Nicole said...

We absolutely LOVE our dyson! When my husband said he wanted one severla years ago, I told he was nuts for wanting a vacuum that was so expensive. He showed me the reviews and I was sold, thinking ok whatever we can return it when it turns out to do nothing. We vacuumed with our old vacuum, and then with our new one, and I was in shock. Wow. We LOVE our dyson!

Bi0nicw0man said...

I'm so jealous of your Dyson. We have a built-in vac, which is cool...but I KNOW it isn't doing near as good a job as I would like.

Randi said...

I felt the same way with my carpet shampooer. Disgust with my old ways, and love for my new

Very interesting scale. Don't get freaked and think you need to lose all 80lbs though alright? some fat is completely necessary! and it is funny how quickly we forget that we said we'd be happy if we only lost X lbs, now that we are there, it's never enough...