Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bah Ipod!

I got an Ipod Touch off of ebay. I bought it used but it has a warranty saving roughly $120 off of a new one.

Well it arrived yesterday and it's pretty.

I get home and immediately (well after Biggest Loser) hook it up to my computer. Of course I must get rid of current itunes and download again for it to recognize the new one.

So I do that, then get confused about deleting so I don't...stupid stupid... then I have to download itunes again. Ok, plug in ipod all seems good. Itunes suggest upgrades, ok I do upgrades. Itunes says it will take 2hrs, I say o.k I'm going to bed.

This morning I go check on ipod. Screen says "error Ipod 1604" then it goes away. Itunes says upgrades complete but restore is highlighted. I hit restore. It does it's thing and then says the same error. Crapola, I google error 1604 and a bizillion mentions of this error occur. So I try one of the suggested fixes, doesn't work. At this point I'm out of time and must go to work.

So tonight I will see if I can fix it, if not it's going back. I'm so disappointed. I get excited about this new toy and shazam it doesn't work. I don't know who to blame the ebay dude or Apple.

Another mystery of the universe. How could I be so good with staying on plan last week and this week is a challenge. All is not lost according to WW with flex points I get 203 for the week. Well if I stick to my 24 for today, Thur and Fri I'll clock in at 201.

I do not want to see a gain on Saturday. I will be strong. I worked far too hard last week to blow it this week.

Hey, nsv of some sort...stress of Ipod didn't result in any type of snacking whatsoever.

Whoo hoo!


->cara said...

well, congrats on not snacking your way through the crisis. :) I'm having the darndest time staying on plan this week too. Had lasagna tonight for dinner at a friends house. Had a Reuben sandwich for lunch (and yes, it was grilled and had real swiss cheese and real thousand island dressing). Oh and did I mention my sandwich came with fries??

Somebody stop me!!!

Fatinah said...

wow - that happening would have sent me RUNNING to the kitchen! Good on you!!