Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So excited!

For the season finale of Biggest Loser tonight....I know I want a girl to win, but I'm kind of rooting for Kelly over Ali. I'm a sucker for the underdog. I'm a little concerned over how much more weight Ali and Mark can lose - they both looked pretty svelte last week. I'm truly impressed that Ali lost most of her weight at home - proving my friends that it can be done. What I'm truly looking forward to is all the transformations. It's so amazing to see their before and afters.

I have to swing by Safeway on the way home to get more coffee for my Dad and thought about picking up a lean cuisine for supper so I can start watching BL at 6pm on time shifting. There's game 4 tonight starting at 8pm - Go Flames Go!

On the tv front, thanks to the live feed comment people I now only watch the wednesday Big Brother as I can't be bothered when I already know who's on the final chopping block.

So eating last night was a bit of a disaster, so far this week I have one disaster day, one normal day, one disaster day...the rest of the week must be OP. I want to see a loss on Saturday. Yesterday I went to Safeway to get the Van Houtte discount coffee for my dad and picked up the El molino chips (whole grain with mega fibre) - this inspired nachos for supper with too much cheese. Melted cheese is a weakness - I admit it.

Workouts must resume tomorrow plus I need to vacuum the basement, egads isn't funny how things just add up. Plus I have my first test for my compensation class this weekend and need to review the material. I can write it on Sunday so that gives me some time.

My business managment class starts on the 28th. I need to become a scheduling master between 2 online classes, full time work and exercising. I know it can be done.

Alright folks, looking forward to reading all your thoughts on BL tomorrow.

Have a groovy day!!!!

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