Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Blah days lead to mindless musings

I have cold symptoms....crap. I've been in denial for a few days. Felt a little off, with a je ne sais quoi coldish kind of feeling. Yesterday the sneezing started. So I grabbed the extra strength Cold FX, oh yes not the normal kind this one has silver on the package so it must be the superhero of Cold FX. It's stupid expensive so it better work. I like the fact that you don't need to take it 3 times per day. I tried it when I had the superhuman flu a few months ago, it did nada. Mind you no cold/flu medication helped at all. This time around I think it's just coldish. So I took the 3 capsules yesterday morning and 3 at 6pm (that what they say to do first day). I could tell I had cold symptoms but it wasn't full on cold.

Last night, I decided to take Nyquil to ensure a good nights rest...whoa nelly. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling totally loopy. Obviously I wasn't sick enough to take that but happily when I woke up this morning no loopiness remained. I took 2 Cold FX capsules this morning and so far so good. I feel off but not sick.

I have a feeling it's going to be quiet today which always leads to blahness in the office.

As I read through the blogs I've seen quite a few people mention "I can make you thin" on TLC. I watched a few episodes and I'm not crazy about Paul McKenna's interaction with the audience but he does have interesting things to say. The 2nd of his golden rules is - eat what you want, I should have followed that last night. The theory is if you deny yourself something you are far more likely to binge later. Well I had a run in with that last night.

Thanks to Jugo Juice (my arm wasn't twisted I went under no duress) and my favourite Banana Buzz. I was without points for supper, I knew I'd be dipping into flex and wanted to keep it low points. All the way home I wanted something spicy, more specifically the veggie samosas sitting in my freezer which would be 6pts. I didn't want to use that many so I thought I'd have veggie soup (2pts), while that was heating up the noshing started. I had these mini baguettes type things that are 9 for 3pts. I intended to have two...oh no, had the soup, then ryvita with light veggies cream cheese and so on. The stupid thing is if I had the samosas I wouldn't have been on a quest for the flavour I was missing. I wound up using a whole lot more flexpoints then 6 that's for sure. So this means perfectly on track for the next 4 days.

The strange thing is when I weighed myself this morning I was a pound down from the day before....bizarre.

I have 7pts for dinner tonight so I may be having those samosas after all.

Have a groovy day!

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Fatinah said...

I can't even count how many times I've used way more points because I've tried to have something I didn't want but was lower points! The samosas sound like a good deal for 6pts!