Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going to miss BL

My ritual for Tuesday night has been Biggest Loser for so long now that I feel a little disppointed that it's done. Before long a new season will emerge and the Australian one is still running on Slice TV so I'll get a bit of a fix.

Yesterday my mission was to wash dishes (which I did) and I watched the new Gossip Girl, normally I pvr it and watch it on the weekend but I couldn't resist.

Food has been hard this week. My plan for lunch fell through as it didn't turn out and I have this massive negative reaction to Subway. Which just goes on to prove it's almost impossible to eat healthy in a food court. Workouts have been hard as I had really enjoyed getting outside and now the sidewalks are treacherous. I should vacuum my basement tonight so I can workout there.

I already have access to the class that starts on Monday and I can tell already that I'm going to have to be mega organized.

Tonight my beloved Calgary Flames play San Jose in game 7, these 8pm starts are killing me as going to bed at 11pm is a wee too late for a work night. Sometimes it's just easier not to watch and then the moment the news comes on the radio in the morning I'll know who won. We'll see it's so hard to walk away from a good game.

Go Flames Go

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