Monday, April 14, 2008

4 Seasons - One day

First of all let me make clear I don't think I need to lose 81lbs...0% body fat is not the goal at all and besides I like my curves.

I skipped the gym on Sunday in favour of walking outside. It was a beautiful day at +23. Today I've already seen a bit of snow and apparently rain is on it's way. Spring always brings bizarre weather.

I had a major accomplishment this weekend, I managed to hook up the dvd player to my downstairs tv. I failed to notice in the first attempt that I needed the cord from the vcr to hook up the box. Tada now I have workout space in my basement.

I'm super excited about the Biggest Loser finale, the transformations are always so amazing. I was in a bookstore at lunch and checked out the new book of success stories. If you've followed the show, I don't think it's telling you anything new.

Alright that's it for today...Happy Monday!

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Fatinah said...

mmm, I can hardly stand waiting for the finale! I'm really curious to see who gets voted into the final 3!!