Thursday, May 01, 2008


I don't know what to think of yesterday, it was such a day of highs and lows that I'm not sure who won.

First of all got home to find my phone and internet connection completely dead. Pulled out the cell and phoned Telus. Apparently a line has been cut somewhere in my area. Great! When will that be fixed - they don't know. As of this morning still no land line. Of course I wanted to do online banking last night and instead had to do it at work today.

I also got a letter from my doctor. She's closing her practice. Crap! It's almost impossible to find a family doctor in Calgary. I arranged to get my file so I can transfer it to a new doctor (if and when I find one) and I get to pay $25 for it because I've been with this doctor for 8 years plus - my file is bigger. I get the feeling I'll be booking yearly physicals at walk in clinics and trudging my file around. I called one of my co-workers doctors but they're not accepting new patients (big surprise..not), they referred me to another clinic. I called there but they're not taking new patients either however there's a waiting list for a new doctor starting in June. Considering I don't need a physical until August that may work out.

I finally found a Wii at BestBuy online. So that was awesome, except they wanted to verify by phone (my home phone) so this morning I got to explain why it was impossible for me to verify from home phone as it's dead. Happily it's now on it's way.

Dad arrives today so he can see his eye doctor for the 6 month check up tomorrow. So yay! to a home cooked meal when I get home today.

I was supposed to moderate a question on the discussion board for my business management class next week. I don't have a clue as to what I'm doing. I haven't finished the chapters for this week let alone think of anything to ask about for next week. Some guy in my class needs to switch his week, he's the week after me so I offered to trade. I'd just like to see an example of what they're expecting before I toss myself in.

This weekend will be all about textbooks. I think I'm going to take myself to a coffee shop and read there. I find at home there are tons of distractions. A moccachino and out of the house may be a good thing.

My 2nd year anniversary of this blog was March 9th and I completely missed it. I wanted to thank all of you who have stopped by and read and/or posted. Blogging is such a weird world of establishing friendships with people you will probably never meet in person. I'm happy to know you through your words and commentary.

Until later...have a good one

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Dee said...

I'm in a doctor crisis too. Mine's leaving town & I've been with her for 7 years. Of course, it's impossible to find anyone who's accepting new patients. Doesn't it suck?