Monday, April 07, 2008

Should have listened

I was talking to H around lunch time and she said you should go out for a walk, I was planning on going for a walk tonight. Now there's some bizarre snow/rain happening. Oh well there's still 2hrs before I'm done so plenty of time for the weather to co-operate.

If for some reason outside is not an option, then I'll do a dvd.

I need to make my pot luck contribution this evening as I do want to go to the gym on Tuesday. I was torn about Tuesday due to Biggest Loser so I'm dvring the 6pm one so I can watch it before bed.

For pot luck I'm making magic bars the Eagle Brand recipe. It takes no time at all and everyone likes it. The pot luck is on Wednesday, I will definitely plan a lower pt breakfast and supper to accomodate that.

The first weigh in for my group fitness challenge is tomorrow and already people are telling me excuses. I keep telling them to not worry about it. If you're up then you'll be inspired to do better next time. I actually had a suggestion to do weekly weigh ins, now I do this anyway with WW so I'm not opposed. I did find it interesting that one said she thinks it will keep her more accountable. I would have to agree.

I'm eagerly awaiting the results my meetings Spring Challenge 2nd week results. It's week 3 and I'm half way to my goal of losing 8lbs, I might have to create a new one...knock on wood.

This weekend was a bit off food wise and I've used up all my flex points so for the rest of week activity will be a focus. I have 9pts for supper just within my base points so I won't have a problem sticking to that whatsoever.

I'm being very diligent tracking and so far no snackapalooza attacks, mind you the week is young.

The trick is take it day by day.

Have a groovy day!


Fatinah said...

I missed my window for a walk this afternoon also! By the time I was ready to go it was snowing/raining.

Can't wait to hear how the weigh in goes for the work challenge - it will be interesting to hear how people react to their accountability.

I can hardly wait for Biggest Loser tomorrow!!! Who are you hoping to win?

Diane Mandy said...

I just started a diet yesterday (it's time) and since I ca't get The Biggest Loser you are my inspiration lady!