Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wicked Weather

It took me an extra 45min to get to work today due to wicked snow. The snowflakes were coming down in clumps and it's super wet snow so it stuck to you. My bus crawled downtown, but hey everyone got to where they needed to be safe and sound.

I'm quite proud of myself today, last night when I got home I figured out my new fancy WW scale and finally I just said...GO! It was great, I had a great pace going and good tunes in my ear. According to my Forerunner 201 I burned 455 calories and according to my Mio I burned 630 calories. Hmm....

The new scale measures to the .1, you have to stand perfectly for it to read. If you've got too much weight on the right or left it tells you. I very curious to see what the differance is between this one and the one's at weigh in. My other scale was about 1-1.5 pds heavier.

I had a pretty decadent lunch today, with all the snow globe snow I had serious craving for Taco Time. I can fit it into my day it just means a super low point supper. Yesterday with the pot luck I wasn't hungry until 8:30pm so just had a bit of chocolate milk after my walk.

So now it's water, water for me.

Have a groovy day everybody!

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Fatinah said...

my daughter's friends were on the school bus for 2.5 hours this morning and it only went as far as what normally takes 8 minutes! Sure is nice out now though!
I wonder why there would be such a difference between the Forerunner & the Mio? I don't know what a Mio is - does that use a satellite like the forerunner?