Friday, April 18, 2008

Snow globe day

The lovely forecast for my city is snow, snow and more snow. Right now as I look out the window it seems like I'm in a snow globe. I don't mind snow really, plus it will make everything green when it's done. If you're not in it then it's quite pretty actually.

So I got this crock pot via airmiles and it came yesterday. This weekend I'm going to try it. I'm not sure what to start with. I'm dying to make a roast but maybe I'll start with chili. As it sat in my office yesterday it got plenty of oohs and ahhs. I've wanted one forever and thought I never use my airmiles for flights (always get them on sale) so I'll use them for stuff.

I for sure would rather be at home tinkering with this thing than contemplating the trip home. It's dead quiet today too. My guess is a lot of people stayed home today.

Wednesay and Thursday I went for 6k walks as the weather was gorgeous. Tonight I'll dust off a hip hop abs and shimmy in my living room. Weigh in is tomorrow and I'm fairly positive I'll see a loss. I'm so used to certain consistencies. As I mentioned before my new scale reads differently than the old one. The old one was always about a 1.5 lbs above the one at weigh in. Last week the weigh in scale was 0.4 above my new scale. Mind you last weekend my Dad drove me to weigh in and I normally walk so not all behaviours were the same.

I'm such a ritual weigh in person. Get up at the same time every Saturday, wear the same thing, leave the same time. I'm trying to keep all the variables the same.

I have so much studying to do this weekend as I have my first test in my compensation class no later than Monday. Apparently it's 40 mulitiple questions to be answered in 30minutes..eek!

A friend of mine was to meet me for lunch today but she cancelled. Not due to the weather, she just bought a nintendo Wii this morning and wanted to stay home an play it. I'm so intrigued by this thing. Everyone I know who has one absolutely loves it. I'm intrigued about the Wii Fitness I've been hearing about. I need to learn more about it though.

Bah, I despise slow days where it seems to take triple the energy to get anything constructive done.
Have a groovy day!

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Fatinah said...

nice crockpot - I use mine all the time!