Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wrong directions can lead to nice surprises

Alas I was up a pound today, not what I wanted but I accept full responsibility. I actually had a debate with myself as I stood on my bathroom scale this morning.
"Ack up a pound"
"I'm not going to go to ww"
"Don't be stupid, go to ww, learn your lesson and move on"

So I went, I'm quite happy I did. The topic was role models and I have to tell you there's a woman in my meeting that has lost 94lbs. I remember her from the first day she walked in and the transformation is amazing. Of course I've lost about 10 in that time so it did make me think.

I sat there and thought of all the reasons why I wanted to succeed at this and more importantly that I could succeed at this. I think I get bogged down by self doubt a lot, I thought about my statement of intent and remembered that if I think I'm going to fail then I will. If I think I'm going to succeed then I will.

I had to skip out early to go to the dentist and my dentist said I looked good and that I always looked thinner everytime she sees me. I almost got out of the chair and hugged her. She remembered that the last time I saw her was about a month before the marathon so she asked me all about that. Both the dentist and hygenist were pleased with me. When I first started seeing this dentist it had been a loonnnggg time since I'd been to one. I got my lecture of flossing and all that jazz and I've taken it to heart. I told her I just wanted her to be proud of me, I think I made her day.

After that hit the mall for groceries and the salon for hairpspray. The girl at the counter asked me if I was going somewhere for spring break. It took me a minute and then I realized she thinks I'm her age (she looked about 23). I could of hugged her, this was me sans makeup. When I hesistated she said no time hey, me neither. I didn't correct her, I just beamed on my way to the grocery store.

H has talked me into meeting her for a walk tomorrow, 12.8K. I told her that I was rusty and she's cool with that. I think the most I've walked is 5k since Hawaii so it will be nice to dust off the gear and fire up the garmin. She suggested we go to 1812 for brunch afterwards (it's healthy and super good). She is totally my role model.

So everybody a new week begins and I'm going to make the most of it.


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CaRoLyN said...

Great job on agreeing to that SUPER LONG walk! WOW!
It's so easy to sabotage ourselves when we see a gain, so awesome job on accepting it and moving on!!
1 lb can easily lead to 2 lbs, 4 lbs, 10 lbs if we let it.
Keep up the great work!!