Thursday, March 15, 2007

APA style = hell

I immersed myself in my horrible paper for my group project last night, even taped ANTM so I could focus. H reviewed it for me on Tuesday and boy does your head clear up when you hear what a fresh pair of eyes has to say. I also did my bibliography, I hate bibliographies and especially this APA style they make you use. When I went to university I took languages, there were no research papers. It was all about write a 15 page paper on this 8 line poem. However, I think I did alright with the references. I carefully followed the guidelines.

Work has a been a bit crazy with the personal contribution plan season. It pretty much goes like this - they tell you your goals for the year, if you object they say "Oh let's just wait and see". So it's more like you have no say. I'm o.k with mine and think a couple of the new initatives are a bit funny. Funny as in...good luck getting that implemented. Don't let the previous negativity fool you, I'm a pretty happy go lucky person at work and I try to find the positivity in a situation. It's just sometimes I think logic is dead.

Food wise has been wild and wacky. H made a chart to track her WW history and emailed it me. I plunked in my data and it sort of looks like a scraggly line heading a bit downwards. I might post it on here tonight. I think it's good fuel to keep my butt in gear on the way to goal. The wishy washy food has been more due to stress over paper and time management issues. I stepped on the scale this morning and was actually surprised. I was expecting higher.

Stupid boy text messaged me last night, let's see that's a week and a half from the last one but who's counting. I swear this boy is flirting with me via text, what he didn't learn from the first go round is that I'm not looking for a pen pal. I do think he misses me though and I really can't blame him :)

I'm so looking forward to Saturday, H and I are heading out for St. Patty's day and we picked up a very cute outfit for her yesterday. Tonight I'm going to Walmart (I swear I should just move in) and I'll take a boo to see if they have something interesting. Every once in awhile I see something cute there. The upside of going to the mall is that I walk home (12 blocks) so it's a bit of exercise. Tonight I really should do a workout but dishes are a bit of a priority and I'm hoping to catch PCD search and there is finally a new Ugly Betty. I know, I know exercise should take the priority but tonight I want fluff t.v. I will just be inspired to do everything quickly and I could always do the Gunnar Petersen weight exercises while I watch the shows.

Two day until weigh in, all I need to do is be good for the next two days and I may even see a loss on Saturday. This Sunday will definitely be dedicated to meal planning and just getting a plan together in general.


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