Thursday, March 08, 2007

Perhaps I should go back to Wendi Plan

I was down a 1lb this morning, there might be something to going back to Wendi plan. Of course the truth will be on Saturday at my meeting.
Today will be OP as I've brought all my food for the day and I've got an idea for dinner. Last night I did 50 out of the 60min of the Ripped DVD and I'm happy with that. My lower half isn't quite as sore as the first day but I do feel upper body a bit more as upped my weights to 5lbs. Once I finish my part of the group project this weekend I might get started on this casual gym conversion of my basement. It's a bit of a pain hauling out the step and the yoga mat and the weights to do this workout.

I charged my Garmin Forerunner last night as the sidewalks in my hood are looking less treacherous and the ice is melting. I can't believe the last time I turned it on was the day of the marathon.

I'm kind of liking Jael on ANTM, she's a bit all over the place but so far not so back stabbing as some of the other girls (Renee).

Have a super day everybody!

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duenneschen said...

i've never done the wendi plan but i definately agree i can see some awesome losses when i eat various points throughout the week.