Monday, March 05, 2007

No surprises and surprises

Being up a pound wasn't a surprise. My tracking has been pathetic for sure. That's over with on to focusing on what I can do.
Had a great time on Saturday assembling meals and then out to dinner for H's birthday. We assembled sweet and sour meatballs, pork burgers with cheese in the middle, veggie patties, fruity asian chicken, chicken sate, salmon with yogurt marinade, pork tenderloin with apricot glace, some sort of walnut/gruyere pasta sauce (probably the highest in pts so for a weekend), mini turkey meat loaves . You got the rice/pasta with each meal. They had options for rice as well so I chose brown. I now have meals for a while.

H picked a fabulous little restaurant here in Calgary called Piq Niq, it's often over looked as it is small. They have a jazz club downstairs and serious sound proofing as you can't hear it at all upstairs. I'm not such a big fan of crazy all over the place jazz but the food and service was incredible.

Next day it was off to hang out with another friend. Went to a mall that was hosting some sort of Family Channel event. 1000 kids to see Derek and Cassie from Life with Derek. I was more impressed with good haul at The Body Shop. Got my skin cream for buy 2 get 1 free, also got my $25 free gift and a nice new e.d.t called Neroli Jasmin. Then it was off to Costco and Tim Horton's. Food wasn't fabulous on the weekend but I did do the hip hop abs and seemed to be more co-ordinated this time.

Another surprise was getting a text msg from an ex-boyfriend who I hadn't heard from in quite some time. Weird and out of the blue. We'll see what that's all about.

I made the sweet and sour meatball meal for lunch this week. But took the 2 serving package and made it in to 4 servings. A lot of those meals are huge so can definitely be paired down even more. I have the meat balls, brown rice and a bit of corn together. I might have the Chili Pork Burger tonight just because it looked so good making it.

Also coordinated with my group members to see if everyone was cool with getting our first drafts in over the weekend as opposed to on Friday. Two immediately emailed me back with great idea. I have a feeling we all have been feeling a little pressed for time.

Tonight is strength work out so I'm going to try Ripped: Slim and Lean, they do mention the words beginner on the back so I'm hoping it's do-able.


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Sonya said...

Hope you had a great workout! And hopefully that text from your old flame leads to something interesting!;-)

Is Body Shop having another 2-for-one? Is it their Vitamin E cream? Sorry I sound like a crazy lady asking you this, but (1) I'm a Body Shop fiend and (2) I haven't been out of my house in ages.;-)