Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ice Cream Monster

I was reading all my favourite blogs yesterday and I stopped by Shirl's Spot and what do I see but Breyer's ice cream in 100 calorie packs. Egads! I was beside myself. I was thrilled to know they might be available here. Anyway, right after work I headed to the mall and picked up the fudge something sundae cups (100 cal), the ice cream sandwiches (100 cal) and the caramel bars (70 cal). I spent $22 on ice cream - yes that is pathetic but it brought me joy - so there :)
I tried the fudge sundae cup last night and it was good. I did walk home with all these purchases so it wasn't frozen frozen. The flavour was good which impressed me because fudge/chocolate can go horribly wrong when it's tampered with to be healthier. I stayed OP and had ice cream, I'm delighted.

I have to admit that I've been underwhelmed with many of the 100 cal offerings. I've heard good things about the hostess cupcake ones but I have yet to find them.

I also picked up the Knorr Broccoli and Boursin soup, because I love Boursin (garlicy cream cheese). It's 6pts for the box which makes it a bit higher than the others but I know I'll savour it.

So it's an all about food post today I guess.

Going out to dinner tonight with two great friends and it's an italian place that's been in business forever. They have deals on Tuesdays and I'm already counting down. I haven't been to an italian restaurant in awhile. I'll really try to be good, but I was indulge a little.

Have a great Tuesday everybody!

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CaRoLyN said...

The 100 calories Ice cream look UNBELIEVABLE! what did you think of the portion size? did you get quite a bit for 100 cal??
Good luck at the restaurant tonight!!