Friday, March 02, 2007

Getting it together

Oy vey it's been a weird week, weather wise, food wise, time management wise. I sort of feel like I'm falling behind. I've got stuff to do on both Saturday and Sunday so I need to come up with a plan today so I can start next week ahead. This includes planning some workouts. H sent me her training plan for Vancouver so I'll follow along with that and be her buddy. I did get the Shape:Bikini Body all year round from Haven't tried it yet but if I like it I might add it to my collection.

Doing the make or take meals tomorrow so my grocery list must only be fresh food essentials. Have to clean the freezer tonight, plus clean my house. Plus start researching my portion of the group project which is due on Friday. My turn to host a discussion got moved up to Mar. 12th so I want to come up with a few questions for that as well so I don't feel like I'm trying to catch up.

I've been trying to visualize ala Secret but I'm not focusing enough. I'd like to get started on that vision board this weekend as well. I know that will be a work in progress but just started would be good. I'm heading to costco this weekend too, in hopes of getting the rest of the basic I need for this scrapbooking thing. What I really need is become the queen of lists and checking things off as they're completed.

On the WI front hard to tell, haven't been eating too bad but tracking has been iffy and exercise just trekking around on foot not necessarily intentionally.

I just have to get through today and tomorrow starts a new week.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Sonya said...

Funny how we all have different "starts" to a new week. For me, it's always Monday. Dunno why.:-)

I haven't seen the Secret yet, but the one thing that makes a lot of sense is visualizing your goals, or at least writing them down. I need some time to do that..but my life has been too crazy lately. I'm thinking of going out to a cafe by myself this weekend for a couple of hours, to do just that. And maybe flip through a cheesy gossip magazine too.;-)

jodi said...

yea, its been a weird week for a lot of us - i'm so glad today is friday... :-)

i'm in the process of finishing the secret and may read it again... and i'm going to watch the movie - i think what its trying to say, is pretty powerful... :-)

have a great weekend..

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I agree that the Secret is powerful stuff. I've watched the movie twice now and need to see it again. I also have the book and have been flipping through that before bed.
I also enjoy a cheesy gossip magazine as well :)

duenneschen said...

seriously wouldn't it be easier to just love ourselves the way we are!?