Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's snowing...again

It's snowing again, which means I'm going to ramble...

At least this time there was a heads up and our high of the day is still 7. I love Spring, really I do. I shovelled my sidewalk at 7am and when I left at 7:20 you couldn't tell. Well in comparison to my neighbours you could tell, but there was a completely new fresh coat.
I have further proof tha cuffed pants are a bad idea, every woman wearing them on the bus this morning had little pockets of snow.

I was planning to go to Walmart after work today...again. I need garbage bags and j-cloths plus the elusive search for those granola bars but that involves getting off a bus and either walking home or getting back on the bus. If the sidewalks are treacherous then I'll see what I can get downtown before getting on any bus.

Quiet night last night of dusting and dishes. Watched the search for the next pussycat doll and I'm so cheering for Chelsea. The girl lost 96lbs, not a dancer but trying her hardest. I so respect that.

I did toss the ice cream yesterday...HA!
My Samsung MP3 player is doing very odd things. Shuts off all of a sudden and then restarts but always returns to the song it played the first time you turned it on. At one point it froze, so I just took out the batteries and put them back in. I've tried new batteries too. Hmm, might need to look into a replacement. I was thinking of an ipod but it irritates me that you have to buy an extra doo-hickey to get FM reception.
Yes, did have yet another text msg conversation with the boy. However this time I did take the opportunity to ask him why he contacted me. His answer: Is it wrong to just stop in and say hi. My thoughts on this: He's an idiot, and that so explains why he's been texting for a few weeks now. I've given this moron enough time...moving on.

Read a few more chapters of Why Mr. Right Can't Find You. It's interesting and funny. Questions the whole concept and typically over romanticized idea of Mr. Right and says a lot of how men and women share a lot of the same insecurities when trying to meet someone. I'm enjoying it. It's neat to read these things when written by a guy as well.

Heard the new Harry Potter weighs in at 700 pages, and I will lug it around when it comes out.

Huge shout out to Glitterati, who's helping with the wild and whacky world of bibliographies. She's so brilliant, check out the examples she gave. Pay close attention to the authors and titles. I was laughing out loud, to the extent that co-workers were asking me what's up.

Smith, J. E. & Jones, E. F. (2000). Journal articles are really cool. Journal of Inane Ramblings, 65(2), 120-124.

Swiss E. A., & Havarti, A. M. (1998). Article for authors whose names are reallytypes of cheese. Journal of Preposterous Things, 7(7), 5-34.

Hitler, A., & Mussolini, F. (1956). We're not bad guys: Lonely men in power. Paris, France: Some Publishing House.

Hilton, P. (2007). People under.-whatever... um, underestimate me. In N. Ritchie., L. Lohan., P. Hilton, & B. Spears (Eds.), Struggles of American Princesses (pp. 65-94). Los Angeles, CA: Penguin Books.

Have a super day everybody!


duenneschen said...

i totally agree with you that chelsea deserves it. She's always th underdog!

The Glitterati said...

Oh my goodness, that boy. You know how I feel about all that already (remember Purple Shirt "Wil"?). Can't they just say what they mean? Or maybe he hasn't decided what he means yet, in which case he should leave you alone and go figure it out!

Anyway, you're welcome about the bibliography stuff, and hurray for thrashing the ice cream! Good on ya!

CaRoLyN said...

Good job on tossing the ice cream! Now that takes will power!!
I bought my best friend "He's just not that into you" last year for Christmas and she loved it!
Why Mr. Right can't find you sounds great....maybe I should grab that one for her birthday