Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Monday

I find myself to be a walking radio station today, every 10min I have a new song in my head...bizarre I tell you.

On the food front my weekend wasn't too bad, I'm following wendi plan so Saturday was my super high day and I did go over a wee bit, mostly due to wine. Sunday I was very good stayed OP and worked out. I didn't want to work out but then I looked at myself in the mirror and said "Do you want to get to goal?" I avoided going outside because I knew I'd go to DQ and get a blizzard. I was planning to have one on Saturday but chose wine instead so no blizzards for me until this Saturday if I really want one. Had a great visit with Dad and a pretty low key weekend. Even my water was better thanks to those Nestea things.

Today I have 26pts to play with but I'm planning on knocking a few off due to the overage of Saturday. We're supposed to have a winter storm watch this afternoon, might be 15cm of snow by tomorrow. Add to that a work to rule by the transit workers and it makes for one interesting commute I tell you. Tonight I was planning to swing by the mall to pick up batteries but that will depend on the weather.
If the buses do strike I was considering walking to work that would be about 16km (90min) there and another 16km back in a day, the good thing is that's not scary for me. I do have a bike but I'm not an avid rider so I'd like to get some practice in before I'd consider taking that on the pathways. I've also talked to a colleague about perhaps car pooling. I'm really really hoping it doesn't come to that. The last strike lasted 52 days. However if I did walk, I'd be totally toned in no time :)
Got my bonus check today, whoo hoo it's going straight to the bank. However I did have to get a new MP3 player today see picture. As I thought I had fixed the old one by restoring system settings. That worked for a day and we're back to it turning off and freezing. New one should be here by the 29th. I did give myself a bit of an upgrade :) I chose a samsung again because I like them. I refuse to buy an ipod until they include a FM transmitter and don't make you buy an additional product to get that.
Enough rambling for today..have a fabulous Monday everybody!

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CaRoLyN said...

Good luck with the new MP3 player!
I love walking/running with mine, it makes the time fly by so much quicker.
Great job resisting the Blizzard this weekend....they are sooo good. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is unbelievable! Now I'm craving a blizzard!
Keep up the good work!