Saturday, March 24, 2007

Statement of Intent

This picture is of me during the Honolulu Marathon. At this moment I was bound and determined to finish. I was dead tired and achy, but I knew nothing on this earth was going to stop me. I also knew that I could do absolutely anything I set my mind on. This was in December.

The present: My world has been in a state of wishy washiness. I've been wishy washy towards weightloss, my textbook, stupid boy and pretty much everything else. Half hearted efforts, it's like I had given up on succeeding and ready to just settle. I let a sundae get the best of me...hello! This is on not me. I'm funny, smart and darn cute. I don't settle. Honolulu me is back!

Which is what brings me to the title "Statement of Intent".

I, Cowgirl Warrior, declare now that my actions will be intended, no wishy washy nonsense anymore. I will workout a minimun of 5 times per week. I will drink a minimum of 2L of water a day. I will make healthy and nutritious decision in regards to food. When I want a sundae, I will have a sundae and know that I can work that into the plan but it must be intended. I will look for insipiration when I feel weak. One of my closest friends is a major inspiriation so it's not like that's hard (shout out to H :)). I will be encouraging to all my friends out there who are also on this journey of becoming healthier. I will catch myself doing things right and focus on those moments.

I'm going to start posting my food again, nothing like an added layer of accountability.

I challenge everyone who reads this over the weekend to think and say out loud 3 great things about yourself and celebrate how fabulous you are.

Until tomorrow!


duenneschen said...

Yeah to you and your determination!!!!

Yes, you will succeed!!!

Sonya said...

First of all, you are DRIPPING with awesomeness, you know that? That marathon picture of you is amazing, and I'm SO SO SO proud of you!!!

And since you've posted your "intent" with such conviction, how can you help but succeed?

You crossed the finish line of your marathon, and you WILL cross the finish line of your weight loss journey.

CaRoLyN said...

Wow...that post was the exact motivation I needed on this Monday morning!
I find that posting your food is a great movtivation because it helps you stay accountable and makes you think twice about eating that brownie (or Sundaue in your case :) because you know you'll have to post it for everyone to see!
Good luck and I'll be checking back regularly!