Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday musings and other tales

So I'm trying something different. It's called see saw points - one high day, one low day, one high day, one low day. Well last night went out for unplanned dinner with H and I talked her into potato nachos at the pub. Well it wasn't so bad, we split a small order and then had salads with dressing on the side for supper. It put me over by 10 points by my calculations. Whatever, that was yesterday. Today is today and I have a beautiful 22pt day planned. I did have an NSV yesterday, I was super duper stressed at work and I didn't turn to food...tada! That's super hard for me as I'm definitely a comfort eater.

My Mp3 player came yesterday and I love it. Have a huge amount of songs on there and have a huge amount of memory left. I tried to download the podcase of C25K, but my computer doesn't recognize it. Oh well, had a learn to run program as well.

This weekend with no looming paper due and no Dad visiting I'm going to get myself sorted. 1. meal plan, 2. exercise plan, 3. organize basement so I can exercise down there. I think the basement project will so help the exercising as the step of dragging everything out and putting it back will be avoided.

My other NSV is I haven't turned to food dealing with wishy washy boy. Yes, I know I said I was done, finished and all that. Those who read this blog know that I make statements that don't necessarily happen. He continued to text so I wrote him an email with a bit of an ultimatum. If he doesn't pick up a phone to talk to me by April 9th, I will never speak to him again. That may sound drastic but my email was fabulous - putting all my cards on the table including how I refuse to have any type of relationship with someone (including friendship) based on text messages. Even H liked it and she's been my tough love - what the hell are you thinking voice in my head.

So here I thought I've flung it out into the universe and I win either way. He calls= he's serious, he doesn't call= I have closure. Yesterday I get a text message "Hey what's happenin'? Got your email, sounds like a plan". I just stood there thinking WHAT!. I quickly texted back "I gave you options, which plan?". Then I called H, she had asked me to call her before I text but I'm stubborn :) At any rate no response after that. I'll keep you posted on any updates. I have no intentions of texting him back from this point on. If he's indeed read the email he knows what to do.

Based on my behaviours this week I will be happy with a stay the same on Saturday. I highly recommend that everyone reads Sonya's blog today. Good questions to ask yourself for those moments when we doubt our ability to do this.

Have a great Friday everybody!

The Menu:
Oatbran: 1
Brown Sugar: 1
Milk: 2


Chunky Soup with added veg:4
Source yogurt:1

Almond Sweet and Salty Bar:3



jodi said...

words of advice, don't respond to any more text messages from the boy - you're not helping the situation by responding to his... know what i mean? let him get the point and come to you, not the other way around... sometimes being mean/hard is the only way to get your point across, esp. to a guy - they can be so blind... :o)

The Glitterati said...

Hi from La Jolla! Wow that boy being kind of a doofus, isn't he. But in boy-speak, he's probably thinking "Cool, I'll call her by the 9th. In the meantime, why not send a text to see what's up."

GOD. Why can't they think properly?!