Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday Musings

It's snowing, this wasn't forecasted and it's the first day of spring (well at 5pmish here). That's just weird, we're supposed to have plus 10 today.

Yesterday was iffy food wise, I was doing really well all day. Discovered that if I add a Nestea single flavour pack thing to my second litre of water I'll actually drink it. I've tried the Citrus and the Tangerine one and I like both. I use one packet for 1 litre of water. I find it perfect that way not to sweet and it's only 5cal a pack so 0pts as well.
Met with H after work and we went to this place called Chachi's for a sandwich. It was called "The Veg" and it was scrumptious. We each had a side of their mac n' cheese which was also really really good.

Then I headed over to Walmart in search of the Nutrigrain Peanut Sweet and Salty bars, over the week simply the sign with the price has been there no bars. I found the Almond ones and there really good (3pts a bar). However, the peanut ones taste like an Oh Henry bar and H is quite fond of them. I live closer to Walmart than she does so I said I'd pop in. I also wanted to pick up "Why Mr Right can't find you". It intrigued me. Alas no peanut bars, got the book and and a fitness RX magazine. Then I got some hershey's light syrop and then....emotional demon took over andI bought hershey's microwaveable fudge sundae topping and caramel pecan ice cream. Went home and made myself a sundae...stupid, stupid, stupid.

Ah yes, got a text msg from the boy at 10:58pm saying "What's happenin 2night?". I didn't respond as I went to bed at 9 to avoid snacking. We'll see if he texts again and then I can be very direct as to what the heck is going on.
Happy Tuesday!


CaRoLyN said...

Just remember today is a new day (that sundae sounds so friggin delicious!)
It's hard for us Canucks up here...we don't have all the great products that they do in the States. I just had a Fiber one bar (my last one from my stash)
The Nestea singles sound pretty good actually. I'm not a HUGE fan of ice tea but the flavors sound kinda good, I'll have to give em a try!

Crystal said...

You got the crappy weather too eh? It was suppose to be nice a warm today, instead it's cold and there's fresh snow on the ground!!

The sundae sounds good, just remember today's a new day!!

BTW I moved http://byebyefatpants.blogspot.com/

Sonya said...

Forget the sundae - it's one teeeeny-tiny blip in the entire week.

And what a great strategy on going to bed early to avoid snacking (and the boy!).

duenneschen said...

wow...i go to bed too just that i don't snack!!!!

snackers unite!!!

are we still on for toronto this summer??

Sonya said...

I was just going to ask the same question as Duenneschen - let's set a goal for our shopping trip this summer! My preference would be late July / early August, so that I have some time to lose some more....

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I'm totally game for shopping in Toronto and was about to ask you guys about that. I'd also like more time because I really want to be at goal by August. Sonya and I have long weekend on Aug.6th. I'll throw that out there for now. Alot of my office mates are on vacation in there so I might need to play with that. What do you guys think?

Raiya's mum said...
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Sonya said...

I'm totally game! I think Duenne also has an American holiday long weekend around that time, but I could be wrong.

August 6th - to be at goal, or very close to it!!! Yay!!!