Thursday, March 29, 2007

Under Control

I was very proud of myself, last night I managed to stay OP. I tried the Breyer's 100 cal Ice cream sandwhich (2pts) and it was scrumptious. Nothing like staying OP and having ice cream.

I do find my go to low pt dinner is the Gardennay or Knorr Soups (the ones that are 80 cal per serving), some of them are 2pt for the whole box.

Watched ANTM on mute as I was talking to a friend on the phone, I'll catch the repeat on another channel. I also tamed my kitchen which as restored order in my house.

I sneaked a peak at the scale today and I'm the same weight as the day before the italian restaurant incident so that made me happy.

Today I'm aiming for another low point day (I look at my points in terms of by week).
The Goal today is 22pts.

Have a great day everybody!

Oatbran - 1pt
Brown Sugar - 1pt
Milk - 2pt

Starbucks Cafe Mocha- 4pts

1/2 can Chunky Soup Sirloin Burger with added peas - 4
Source Yogurt - 1pt.

P.M snack:
Nutrigrain Almond sweet and salty bar - 3pts

Half Potato Nachos: 8

Steak Salad: 8



CaRoLyN said...

Great job for staying within your points.
Hopefully you will see a loss next week! I'm sure you will since you have been doing great. (Sometimes you just have to shock your system every once in a while with a really high point Italian!!)
Keep up the great work!

Sonya said...

Awesome work, staying on points! I'm going to check out those Breyer's bars - they sound delish!

Crossing my fingers for a loss for you! You deserve it.

Have a good weekend!