Sunday, March 11, 2007


After two days of torturing myself writing the first draft of my portion of the group project it is now posted for my group to see. I personally hate it but it doesn't have to be perfect until the 25th. Now at least I have something on paper which is the hardest step and can tweak it from here.

On Saturday I made myself a deal, if my scale said anything less than 174 I would go to the meeting, if it was above I was skipping this week. Of course it was 174 on the nose so I went and discovered I was up 1lb and 173.2 on their scale. This could be due to the strength workouts and my body wondering what the heck I'm doing to do it. I did discover at this meeting that I am dedicated to succeeding and I decided to go back to Wendi plan which is where I've seen good success. I'm also measuring everything and going back to basics. I'm actually looking forward to next Saturday to see what happens. I'm also looking forward to Saturday because it's St. Patrick's day. At least on Wendi Plan Saturday is my highest point day :)

I'm now heading out for a walk...+16 out there.

See ya tomorrow!

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