Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Different Approach

Yesterday I went home and did the step aerobics workout then had a lovely low point dinner. This morning I stepped on the scale and there's been no change for 3 days. Now I've worked out on all 3 days, eaten well and still no change. I'm not worried I just think it's weird.

It might be a bit of a modified wendi plan week as today was not so point friendly, two back to back meetings with snacks. However I will be doing that awesome strength workout tonight that's does get you sweatin'. I plan to take measurements Saturday morning so I can pick a consistent date and time of day. I watched the show on slice tv (formerly Life tv) called the last 10lbs and they put this girl through some rigourous workouts and a nutritionist put together her food for the week and divided it into days. After 4 weeks she did lose 10lbs and about 7 inches. I'm not sure how long or how often the workouts were but I'm sure it helped to have a dedicated personal trainer and nutritionist.

Watched the search for the new doll last night. I enjoy the PCD and have their CD but I don't know about these girls. We'll just have to wait and see. Looking forward to ANTM tonight, not sure yet who I think might win and not even who I want to win. I did find the new season of Project Catwalk (the UK version of Project Runway) it's hosted by Kelly Osborne and I think it will be my Monday ritual. I love these goofy shows especially when the other favourites are in constant repeats because sweeps is over.

Have a great day everybody and stay positive!


The Glitterati said...

Unlike the last 2 seasons, I have no idea who I want to win either... Judging by photos alone, I'd say Renee, but she is pretty darn annoying. Natasha is gorgeous too, but I can't stand the mouth-full-of-mashed-potatoes speech. It's not even the accent, I think it's just how she talks. Whitney is supercute, and it'd be cool to have a plus sized winner. I miss Kathleen already!

Sonya said...

Don't worry too much about the scale - keep up the great work, and you'll be rewarded in no time. You're doing everything right!:-)

And I'm glad that slice tv took over - it's supposed to cater to a younger audience, with edgier shows. Can't wait!