Monday, April 02, 2007

0 to 13km

Woke up to windchill of -17 this morning...whoo hoo! That is so Calgary.
Yesterday H and I were on the pathway and at about the 5km mark the snow started. Wispy at the beginning but by the time we finished our just under 13km it was blowing hard and straight at us. Note to self: pack layers in this crazy weather. I was definitely unprepared for the turn in weather.

We both bought fleece jackets (on sale) for the trip home because we were chilled to the bone. Of course we had a scrumptious brunch first.

I'm a wee bit sore today from that 13km, it's not that I haven't been walking but I walk as a part of my life. If I can walk somewhere I'll do that over any other transport. That isn't exactly the same walking I do with H. The training walking is proper form and fast. As I hobbled to the fridge this morning at the office my colleague asked me what I did this weekend. So I told her about the walk and she said "Wow you must be so toned". I had to laugh - "Yeah under all the fat".

Tonight will be strength training and I will be toned eventually.

Have a great day everybody!

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Sonya said...

Way to go on that walk!!! 13K is no joke...but then again, you know that, you marathoner!:-)