Monday, March 19, 2007

Down .2

I'll take it. That was a WI that would typically show an up to 2 pound gain so any negative number is great.

Had a great St. Patrick's day with H. We didn't drink excessively-2 drinks over 8 hours, however food was in great abundance. We went to 3 different pubs in 8 hours. Started at 11am home by 8pm. We had fun and it was neat to compare the different vibes of the pubs. The eating was not so great with an exception of a veggie platter because we were craving vegetables. That has to be a NSV, we were craving vegetables. They cut the mushrooms in quarters, I was stangely intrigued by that. Food a palooza ended on Sunday with very good behaviours, I even drank water - which never happens on the weekends. I did the Ripped - Slim and Lean workout again and got through the lunge section with no problem (Yeah Me!). The push ups were better but definitely my weakness so I'll have to work on that. It amazed me how much stronger my lower body was (Hello! I did do a marathon so not sure why I'm surprised).

H and I talked a bit about relationships, we're both single and have thus far been disillusioned with relationships. I asked H if she had ever really thought of what she wanted in a guy, I actually wrote it all down some years ago just to see where my head was at. I think I should do that again.

Moronic ex-boyfriend continues to text me. After that first text, I didn't hear anything for a week and a half (I wasn't planning on initiating anything). Then I got a text message every day for the past 7 days. The difficulty with text messaging is just like email, everything is open to perception but it seemed to me he was back to old habits of adding flirty bits to the txts. The thing is when we dated, I pretty much dated his cell phone. Towards the end all communication was in text. If I called and left a message, the response was text. So this is why I'm not so keen on initiating a phone call to find out why the heck he's re-established contact. After that first round I realized that he wasn't all that in to me and I think he wanted more of a girl who was available when he wanted and not into being in a committed relationship.

At any rate the beginning of this series of texts started when he was out of town on business, I can understand text when your out of town. This weekend he was home and still texted. I asked him if he wanted a pen pall. His response: Huh? Conversation after that was a lot of "what are you doing today". To make a long story short, after a series of "eyeroll :P" responses , I sent him a text that said "Hence why we didn't work as a couple - communication issues". Haven't received a response to that as of yet and I seriously wonder if I will. There was a time where I seriously thought we had something, now a year later I realize that I wanted that more than he did and I'm not falling for that again and I'm not interested in establishing any kind of relationship with his cell phone. If he's serious about being friends or anything else, he'll have to pick up the phone or arrange for a face to face meeting.

I deserve someone who wants to spend time with me, who wants to share thoughts/their day with me etc.

Alright, my rambling about this is done. Only time will tell and in the meantime I'm not pining.

I was thinking of trying online dating again in the summer. H and I discussed trying speed dating again. Plans are a foot :)

Have super fabulous Monday Everybody!


CaRoLyN said...

Good for you for realizing that a man who won't make the effort to pick up a phone and call just isn't worth your time. So many women (many of my friends) kid themselves into thinking that a guy really likes them if he text msg them or calls them like once a month (booty call...heeeelllllllloooo?!?!). It's so frustrating!! If a man really likes you, he'll make the effort!
Anyway I'm rambling now hahah. Great job on the loss!!!

duenneschen said...

a loss is a loss!!!

to another great week!!!

The Glitterati said...

Hey, you've already given him a chance, tried it out on his terms, and it didn't work. If he wants back in the game, HE'S gotta make the effort this time, makes sense to me!

And you KNOW I'm a fan of the online date! ;) Or maybe I'm just antsy waiting for summers and patios and not wearing 3 layers and a scarf everywhere I go...

Hope your week is super!