Thursday, December 01, 2011

A long but short week...

Arrived home tonight to find the Uggs on my door step which was a relief as I thought for sure I'd find a a little sticker from UPS.

Oh they are exactly what I wanted. They're comfortable, classic and funky. 

I also got the purse I ordered from Shoedazzle, I was planning to use this for the Christmas party on Saturday and was a wee worried when it didn't show up last week but tada it's here. 

Yes that's a skull, I just thought it was seasonal fancy but edgy. I apparently have a thing about edgy/ funky lately. 

Perhaps it's the winter setting in and it getting darker by the minute every day until Dec. 21 when it starts to get lighter a minute a day. 

My Apple stuff shipped in 4 different packages. 2 have arrived and 2 on their way. I'm super happy I arranged to have those delivered to my friend at the office as opposed to missing 4 deliveries. 

I decided to take the laptop I had in my camp room home. One I haven't been using it lately and two the Ipad should be here soon and I'll probably carry that back and forth instead. 

I was in bed early every day this week as it just felt right. This also meant I never hit the gym this week. 

I'm going to weigh in tomorrow at lunch. No matter what the scales says I need to go. Apparently next week we find out more about how they're tweaking the program. I'm intrigued and kind of happy I need a change. 

My worst enemy is complacency, I know the program works yet I'm dragging my feet in getting focused. I get focused for a moment but I need to sustain it. 

Friday I have to pop into the dentist to pick up my new splint, then I want to head over to Sport Check and see if they have a good backpack. My Lululemon backpack that I take to site and back is not so comfortable with a computer in it. I think it will make a good gym back pack with the added feature of being able to slap a yoga mat on the back of it. It's served me well for a year but it needs a break. 

Then I will go weigh in. Then I need to head downtown and find a dress for Saturday. I'm meeting friends for dinner on Friday so that's my upped the weigh in a day. This allows me to plan Saturday as follows - gym and then party prep. 

Alright I will get more focused and get this blog back to focusing on success rather then woulda, coulda, shoulda. 

I hope you all had a great few days. 



Fatoutofskinny said...

Love the purse!
Yes complacency can be a dangerous game.....I have personal experience!!
I'm waiting to hear about the changes to the WW program too, apparently it's just a tweak or two!

carla said...

ooooooh I need me some FULL BODY SNUGGIENESSMENT.