Sunday, December 18, 2011

Change of plans again

I woke up this morning and looked outside - snow. This wasn't good as I knew it would mean a one more delay in going to Dad's. I got 2cm so far so he will get and has 3 inches (7.6cm) so far, which means the road will be super slippery by Dad's place not to mention plowing with the snow blower will be required for him to get the car to the gate. It's Sunday so highly unlikely his main roads will be plowed by the county and probably not so fun in Calgary either as there are patches of ice under that new snow. Bizarre that it was plus 8-10c yesterday. It's -3c now and is supposed to go to 0 later so that's good. Then of course it will be -10 tonight. It's the vicious cycle of freezing, melting, freezing and melting.

The plan now is we try again tomorrow morning.

I need to get creative with the pantry as I didn't grocery shop thinking I'd be away now. There's no point in shopping today as I'll hopefully be away tomorrow. Got to love Winter.

Not sure what to do today. I could probably vacuum and finally try the new yoga mat from Lululemon.

I updated my "reward" list as after treating myself to two of the things on the list as Christmas presents to myself it kind of wrecked it. I think it's best for me if I think of rewards when they occur. Still on the list for goal is a Tiffany key as I think that will serve as an anchor to remember how far I've come and to not go back.

When I entered my current weigh in my WW app it informed me I was at a 10% loss (again as I have my key chain already). That did get me thinking perhaps I'm gearing up for the Biggest Loser new season and the competition at camp but I gave myself percentage goals. Which also has me rethinking goal weight. I bounce around from 140 to 130 as I've never been either one of those weights I'm heading into unknown territory. I do know I want a buffer in the healthy bmi range and not be right at the point between normal and overweight. So based on percentages a 30% loss from my current WW starting weight is 137.

Oh well I have random photos for you today that I've been meaning to upload.

The sunrise on my way to weigh in last Saturday

The full moon as I was landing at work on Monday

A portion of my beautiful home city at night as I landed back home on Wednesday

Alright my friends I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


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