Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Operation Butterfly 2012 and hello again treadmill

While at my Dad's I watched an awful lot daytime TV and the plethora of talk shows (so so so many are out there).

One I sort of liked was The Chew, Clinton Kelly (best known for What Not to Wear) is the host and then there's chefs Mario Batali, Michael Symon (both are Iron Chefs) and Carla Hall (who I remember seeing on Top Chef but she didn't win) and Dr.Oz's daughter Daphne (who apparently wrote a book called The Dorm Room diet).

It's a cute show and I enjoy Clinton as host as there's good banter between all of them. Of course with all those chefs it's pretty food focused. The other day the theme was New Year's and they were asking each other about resolutions. Carla said she had an operation not a resolution and when asked to explain said operations are longer term not as short lived as a resolution.

I liked that. Of course I have had operations in the past and they've been successful to a point. I still like it thought so I'm going to resurrect an operation...Operation Butterfly is back in action. I had a good run with this last time and it entails tracking food and tracking exercise. Super simple, and this time I'll see it through.

So today I'm at one with my 3 month tracker and I went to the gym this morning.

Here are the deets:
The walk to the gym: 17:09min/ 1.08 miles, pace 15:50, HR 141 and 92 calories burned.
The treadmill: 1:00hr/ 4.41 miles, pace 13.38, HR 155 and 331 calories burned.
The walk home: 21:02min/ 1.08 miles, pace 19.30, HR142 and 111 calories burned.

The facts above show I was tired on the way home as that was also after stretching at the gym, the treadmill part consisted of some running. I was doing intervals of 2:2 but after about 3 rotations my tummy didn't feels so good so I walked. I tried to run again later but then stuck to walking. A pace of 13:38 isn't so shabby walking.

I also dusted off my BodyMedia as that stayed home when I went to Dad's so I'm wearing that and tracked on the activity manager of that system as well. I really enjoy the new feature that allows the HR information from Garmin sync with BodyMedia so it analyzes that information with the rest of the info it tracks.

I also stumbled upon a new show that starts Jan 16 called The Revolution, with folks like Tim Gunn (love him a fashion master and mentor from Project Runway) Harvey Pasternak (A Canadian trainer who trained Halle Barry for Catwoman) and Ty Pennington hosts. What intrigues me about this one is it's produced by the same folks from Biggest Loser and each week you'll see a woman's 5 month weight loss journey will be shown in 5 days. It might make the PVR rotation to check it out.

Speaking of Biggest Loser it returns on Jan. 3.

Tomorrow is technically a rest day probably good as my right knee and left hip have not been a fan of running. I'm going to swing by The Running Room and check out compression shorts/ capris. I also need to pick up a parcel from my cousin.

Alright I hope you all had a fabulous Tuesday.


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