Sunday, December 04, 2011

Winter Wonderland

We got a pretty good dump of snow yesterday.

You can see the bunny tracks across the lawn and you can't even tell my neighbour's driveway is under there.

Oh well it's a good day to straighten up and do laundry. I did brave the outdoors to go to Mac's as I needed milk and coffee cream.

I thought today I'd share photos of my favourite Christmas decorations. I actually set them up last Sunday but for some reason the photos wouldn't load.

This is my favourite. It's an advent candle you can't quite see the little propeller thing on the top but as the candles burn it turns. That's a little angel choir around the base.

Tonight I'll light the second candle as of course today is the 2nd Advent.

This is tea light holder with a choir of angels. Yes I have a thing for angels.
I like this because it as the mirror behind and it reflects the light.

This is my Christmas stocking, I can't remember how long I've had this. I was probably about 6 or so when my Mom made it. I would never describe her as crafty but she tried and I can't replace it. Every year I buy a new ornament. Now this year I decided against putting up my Christmas tree as I intend to buy a new one but I'll wait till boxing day for that. I hung the ornament on my stocking instead so it still has it's Christmas debut.

This year's ornament guessed it an angel :)

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday.



carla said...

such a nice weekend for you.
I need to get my HANUKKAH-anything out and decorated :)


Fatoutofskinny said...

Love the snow...although I'm sure you get tired of it.
Cute ornaments.