Sunday, December 11, 2011


Well the run never happened. Factoring in it's a 12 block walk to the gym I had thought to do a workout dvd. Then I remembered I had to bake cookies, well I didn't have to but I had decided a while ago that even though I now fly to work I'd bring my whipped shortbread cookies to work. Then there was laundry, straightening up, sorting out my work bag and work snacks. Not to forget take out the garbage and recycling and by the time that was all done I was now in wind down mode to be up at 3:45am tomorrow.

The whole running schedule has not gone smoothly and the next two weeks don't help. I'm still committed to this race at the end of Jan. Now I'm just hoping not to be taken off the course because I'm going to slow.

I picked up a 4 pack of mini containers of hummus that I'm going to take to work and eat with snap peas as my afternoon snack. I actually have the next 3 days semi tracked in my 3 month tracker already. I even logged into the website of the people who run the camp I stay in to see what was posted on the menu. I even have a plan for when I fly home on Wednesday.

Yes, I've been kidnapped by aliens apparently.

I'm completely dedicated to getting back on track starting with a fabulous weigh in on Saturday. For me to successful I know tracking is key. For months now I track for a few days and then it falls apart. My primary goal this week is to track the full week. 2 days down, 5 to go. Activity is not a mega priority for me this week I really need to get my tracking mojo back on track.

I went digging and found all my old WW stuff before Points Plus and decided to toss it all. I need to focus on the current plan 100%. I also perused through weigh in books and re-confirmed my feelings of enough. Enough goofing off, enough treating WW like my favourite charity, enough of having no faith in myself - just enough.

Even today I almost decided on a treat that wasn't in my plan today and I stopped myself with saying enough.

Tomorrow I play badminton and I haven't in multiple weeks so I'm looking forward to that.

Alright my friends I hope you had a great Sunday.


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Enz said...

Amen to enough! I'm with you. I haven't been able to string more than 3 days of tracking in a row, this from someone who tracked every single day for almost 9 months. Why is it so hard to do it again?