Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fairly Productive

Crazy day today weather wise. The wind was insane. They actually shut the downtown core down as windows were blowing out and construction debris was flying around.

I could hear it howling outside and was praying the 3 trees in front yard stayed put. I was pretty lucky, just some little branches and pine cones flying around. My fence, shingles, trees and roof are all intact. Some in the city were not so lucky. I also had my power all day which is pretty awesome. Winds were around 91 km and go higher to 50 stories and it was 150 km hence the windows blowing out.

I spent the day dedicated to housework. I vacuumed floors and furniture, I mopped floors and I used my fancy dryer to clean my down comforter and pillows too. I also did all the sofa cushions. I did a whack of laundry including bed sheets and towels.

I decided not to set up my Christmas tree as it's in a sad state. Instead I set up the rest of the decorations I adore like advent candles, my stocking and the wreath on the door. I took pictures but they won't load today so I'll post those later.

I finally bought a pair of Uggs. I have mixed feelings about these as I do see them a lot but if I could find the right pair I'd do it as they sort of fit the bill for "casual" winter boot. I have my Sorels for serious winter.

How cool are these? I like that they're a little different yet classic.

So my workout today was housework.

Tomorrow of course I fly to work and I need to do laundry there too. However before I left on Wednesday I got it all organized.

I hope all of you had a nice and safe Sunday.


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