Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This can't be rushed

I'm talking about the whipped shortbread cookies I tried to bake tonight after I flew home. I was planning on taking them to work as I took some to site I figured it was only fair to bring some to my Calgary co-workers.

My first mistake - nuking the butter a little too long to soften it

My second mistake - rinsing the double hulled cookie sheets under cold water to cool them down so I could try a second batch - I more or else steamed cookies due to the water trapped in the sheet.

I officially give up.

The batch I made on the weekend was made with love and time and that's the only way it will work.  I will make my Calgary co-workers cookies in the new year.

It can't be rushed sort of like weight loss. It always annoys me when someone asks how long it took for someone to lose x amount of pounds. Does it really matter? I think it's more about losing and keeping it lost. Everyone has their own demons to conquer to tame the scale.

I ran into a co-worker Tuesday night in camp. I was coming out of the gym after playing Badminton and he was coming out of one of the exercise rooms that was showing the exercise DVD Insanity. He tells me he knows someone who lost 90lbs in 3 months doing the DVD. My first thought - didn't believe it for a nano second.

It's about learning the right behaviours and unlearning the wrong behaviours. It's about changing your attitude, your mind and habits. It's about lifestyle - I know that's beaten to death but it's true.

Tracked day 4//7.

Tomorrow's challenge will be working in the corporate office, many distractions but my focus is strong.

Hope you had a good Wednesday.


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Fatoutofskinny said...

I've done the exact same thing with the cookie sheet too...lesson learned!
Couldn't agree more about the life style change.