Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve

Not a bad turnout at my WW meeting for New Year's Eve, I was impressed.

I was up 2.6 but I knew that would happen and that's still not as bad as when I got home from my Dad's house.

However Operation Butterfly begins today. I'm tweaking my spreadsheet right now actually. Today is the starting point.

It was a great meeting. My leader talked about mindful eating. She said that lots of people at the scale were saying they were bad. So we talked about having a better attitude. Is it bad to enjoy your family and an event? Heck no, she also said it's not what you do for a day that effects your weight loss journey it's what you do for the week, the month, the year. We also talked about the conscious decision to eat vs. the mindless. If you're planning on having a few glasses of champagne that's fine, it's the mindless eating like when I get my hands on a bag of Oreos which isn't so great.

My 8 mile run planned for today didn't quite turn out. I realized Saturday is probably not the best day to have a long run day planned. I walk to weigh in and back plus I had to go to the post office so that was about an hour of walking this morning. My go to breakfast on Saturdays is a Skinny Caramel Macchiato and the reduced fat turkey bacon/ egg white english muffin at Starbucks. That's a way heavier breakfast I'd have before a run.

I tried resting for a few hours and then heading out. When I first head out I realized I wasn't dressed appropriately. Forecast said it was -3, but it was windy in my neighbourhood so it was closer to -12c. I went back added a layer and then headed out. I was just wearing a running baseball cap and after one block my ears were freezing. At that point I decided to do the 8 miles tomorrow. That actually works better for me anyway.

I still managed to earn 5APs today. Sundays were the long distance days when I trained for the other half marathons and marathon so why break with tradition.

I opted to get a frozen pizza from the grocery store instead of take-out tonight. One reason being it will be lower points as I got McCain's Ultra Thin Capicolla pizza (I like the real ingredients)  and  a can of pineapple tidbits so I'm going to make my own Hawaiian pizza. It's 4pts for 1/4 of the pizza so even two slices at 8pts is pretty darn good. Plus I figure the delivery people will be pretty busy tonight, heck I even saved money.

I want to wish you all a wonderful 2012. We are going to accomplish some pretty great things my friends.


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Happy New Year :)