Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Discovered new things

Mainly I tried my Keurig milk frother today and I am officially in love. In like 60 seconds I had hot frothy milk that I added to some dark roast coffee and tada cafe au lait in the middle of nowhere.

I spent 2 years working in a coffee place through high school and trust me I can make killer foam. This thing did an awesome job.

I need one of these babies for home. Next week I just need to bring some sugar free caramel syrup and I'm a happy clam.

In other news I flung my blackberry across my camp room last night. Completely by accident. It's my alarm clock and I keep it under the 2nd pillow. Now last night I went to bed at 9 and woke up at 11 so I check my email (yes I know I have a problem). I guess I put the thing on my comforter as I couldn't find it and then Shazaam I heard it hit the floor. I am getting a new one on Thursday but it survived. I'm sure my camp neighbours cursed me though.

The other interesting thing today was a major org change announcement. Not sure how it will effect me but I'm sure it will mean some sort of change.

Today is late meeting day so it's a rest day. I'm going to catch the last hour of Biggest Loser then watch the first half when I get home tomorrow.

Hope you had a great Tuesday.


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