Saturday, December 03, 2011

All dressed up, no place to go - but it's o.k

I did find a dress yesterday and in record time. I went to The Bay as I knew they had an entire floor of dresses, grabbed 4 that caught my eye and tried them on. The first one I picked was the one. Ralph Lauren seems to be my go to holiday dress as the one I bought last year was Ralph Lauren as well. This one is black, classic and can be used for other events. It's funny last year I wound up with the dress I spotted first as well.

I also got all my Apple stuff yesterday. Love the new Ipod, it's perfect as it clips on and I can see what's playing plus it has FM radio. I got the Ipad sorted out today and I'm going to enjoy this.

I had a quick trip to Walmart and wound up getting a second Keurig Mini, this one is for home. I really like it and it was the same price at Walmart that I bought the red one for. This one is black. Now I need to bring some pods home to use. Whipped into Ardene's for some bling for tonight and it was all 70% off so that was a whopping $10 for earring, necklace and blingy barrette.

Then I prepped for the Christmas party, and then spent 2.5 hours trying to get a cab. We got about 6cm of snow plus throw in Christmas party season and it was impossible. So I took the dress and bling off, put on my pjs then washed off the make up and made myself some dinner and got a movie off of video on demand. You know what it was nice. Good thing I went with a classic dress so I can wear it another time.

As the hours went on I had a feeling this Christmas party was not meant to be for me and now I don't need to worry about having a hard time getting home either.

I did weigh in on Friday and I re-found the 2lbs I lost the last time I weighed in. Alas it's my own fault however this week water retention was more to blame but I wasn't perfect either.

Today is 6 months to my 40th birthday. Come hell or high water I will get to goal by my birthday in June. That  is huge fire under my patootie.

So I bought two 3 month trackers as they were on sale due to the new ones coming out with the Points Plus 2012, though the receptionist assured me they weren't all that different. The old ones were 5 bucks and the new one will be 11 CDN. They had loads of boxes in the meeting room of the new stuff coming in. I tried to take a peek but all the boxes were sealed. I needed new coupons as well but they go on sale next week so I'll wait till Saturday.

When I weighed in she recalculated my points and I'm now 26 per day as opposed to 29, now the way she explained it was that I had the option of dropping to 26. I did stay for the meeting but they didn't say much about the new plan as it launches next week. I'm sure all my Weight Watcher peeps will start writing about it as we all start attending meetings next week. Of course mine isn't till Saturday.

I had planned to do an outside run tomorrow but with all the fresh snow that might not be the best idea.

Well I hope you all had a great Saturday, type to you tomorrow.



spunkysuzi said...

You should take a picture of the dress :)
I just do ww's on my own at home and I think I'll stay at 29!

Fatoutofskinny said...

Sorry the party didn't pan out. Sounds like you weren't too disappointed though.
WW has more info on the web site if you want to find out more before Saturday.