Thursday, December 29, 2011

4 days left of vacation

I'm amazed about how fast time flies. My two weeks off are now down to 4 days well 3 as this one is almost over. I'm looking forward to seeing my lovely co-workers but I'm not going to miss sleeping until whenever I want.

Today was a run day so I decided to do that outside. I tried another one of neighbourhood routes which has me just going around near by blocks. The goal was 4.5 miles or 7.24 km. This route involves going around 7 blocks.

Today was:
1:01:28/4.5 miles/ pace 13.4 mi/hr/ 404 calories burned.

I decided to do 2:1 intervals today and that's 2 min walk/ 1 min run. I'm thinking for a long distance that might be more realistic for me. I'm not going to look back and do the shoulda, coulda, woulda about my grand plans for learning to love running.

I will deal with the cards I have. What I am proud of is I kept the intervals up the Garmin. I did keep an eye on the Garmin to make sure my pace didn't go below 16mi/hr the course minimum at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.

What I found interesting is my pace outside it pretty darn similar to the treadmill workout of Tuesday. On the treadmill I was trying to do 2:2 and wound up doing that 4 times and walking the rest.

Next run is the long one on Saturday which is 8 miles or 12.8km. I pretty much am planning to do the same route today just twice. I think now that the distances are longer my long run day will move to Saturday as opposed to Sunday. With having to get on a plane in the early hours of Mondays it will be nice to have a rest day in between.

One of my friends texted me around lunch time to see if I wanted to go for an early dinner I had thought she meant around 4 so I said sure but now the plan is more 6:30 to 7. I still want to visit with her but that had me getting snacky.

Yesterday I picked up the package my cousin in Germany sent me. It was filled with chocolate covered marzipan and became yesterday's dinner. He also sent me a whack of 4-ply Taschentucher (Kleenex). I love this stuff it's a Kleenex or a napkin but doesn't scratch your nose.

Today I was doing better with the chocolate until I had this long wait between lunch and dinner. Good thing I ran today. I need to come up with a rule. If I workout I can have one, not 3 just one.

Tomorrow I need to finish my parcel to my cousin so I can take it the post office on Saturday after weigh in. I need some stuff from downtown for that. I also want to swing by Diabetic Depot which has a massive selection of sugar free syrup (like 40 flavours). I want to get some to take to site so I can make sugar free lattes with my mini Keurig and Keurig milk foamer. I'm eyeing the amaretto and Kahlua flavours. I was on their website and boy they carry a lot of stuff so it might be worth a perusal.

I'm not sure I'll be able to drop the Christmas weight gain by Saturday's meeting however I will have at least half of those 5lbs off. Then it's full steam ahead to goal.

I hope all of you had a great day and I'll type to you tomorrow.


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Enz said...

I've been off all week too and I have to say this week flew by and I didn't particularly DO anything. Ran some errands, puttered about...but I did get some kind of work out everyday - except today - I'm waffling about getting to the gym and running for 30 min on the treadmill.