Saturday, December 10, 2011

Power Start

As I was waiting in line to buy more coupons at WW, I was pulled aside to be given a new weight tracker. I thought this was awesome as I feel the need for a new start. I was up .4 today I definitely need a slap in the head.

Then in the meeting we got our introduction to the New Points Plus which really isn't all that new. My leader said it was 80% the same.

I do like how they're breaking up the introduction to the program into 3 steps. I think it was a hard shift to go from the old plan to the new one just because the old one was so ingrained. I know I've had a hard time for the last while. It's not the plans fault as it's totally my fault.

Today's meeting was quite inspiring. We met Diane our new Head Receptionist who's lost 132lbs. She brought her "old jeans" and she could fit in one leg now. There was one quite funny moment. Our leader asked her what she eats for breakfast. Diane said oatmeal and cheezies, this made the whole room say "what!", what she actually said was chia seeds.

So today we talked about Power Start and that included "my smart spaces". Work is the most challenging for me just being faced with temptation everyday from walls of baked goods to french fries daily. It can be hard but I know I have had successful weeks before and I can do it again.

The big thing that hit me this meeting was when my leader grabbed a chair and then motioned like she was going to step on it. She told us she hears a lot of us at the scale say "I'm trying to lose weight". She said quite plainly there is no trying you - you just do it. You follow the plan or you don't. It's your choice.

After all one of my favourite quotes is from Yoda - Do or do not, there is no try

Shazaam. She hit the nail on the head. I've been waffling for months, sort of on plan but not. The weigh ins prove it. Enough.

If I don't make weight loss a priority nothing is going to change.

So game on.

I walked past the gym today and see the big exercise room is being renovated which means most of the classes have been cancelled. Sort of intrigued about what's happening to it.

My Walmart renovations are finally completed. I found a pack of 4 small containers of hummus and I picked up a big bag of snap peas. That will be my snack for this week. I have 3 days at site and then one day in Calgary.. and then I'm on Christmas vacation until Jan. 2.

One week at my Dad's and then one week at home. Dad's will be focused on thinking, being zen and revisiting Shrink Yourself and The End of Overeating. The week at home will be gym every day.

The work Biggest Loser challenge is a go for Jan. 27 but I can do a lot between now and then.

6 miles on tap for tomorrow. I want to do this outside and hopefully the weather holds. Snow is forecasted but I'm hoping that hits in the afternoon. Worst case scenario it's a treadmill.

Alright my friends, thank you for sticking with me. We will see this journey through together.


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