Saturday, December 17, 2011

Plans go haywire

I did it, I actually tracked for all 7 days and had 6 WP left. Only earned a handful of AP but what was the result.....down 3.8lbs... Finally.

Funny what happens when I actually follow the plan.

Went to Walmart and got the cats a special treat. A can of Fancy Feast for each of them as a special Christmas dinner.

Then I came home and packed. Got to the Greyhound station just before 2pm. I go to the desk and ask for one way ticket to Olds, AB. The guy then tells me the only bus leaves at Midnight. What????? When did that happen? He tells me November 14th. There have been 3 buses a day before. I think a lot of schedules changed as I was walking in a guy asked me if I was going to Manitoba.

The Greyhound guy said it looks like they're focusing their trips on Red Deer and Edmonton in Alberta.

Then I kept trying my Dad's cell as he was picking me up from Olds. Of course he didn't turn it on till 4pm when the bus was supposed to arrive. So now he's coming to fetch me tomorrow.

I can drive but I'm not crazy about it so don't have a car. Add in the fact I spend less then half a week at home it just doesn't make sense right now. I know one day I will have to hook myself up with wheels.

I truly feel for people who live in small centers. Every Christmas that bus would be full dropping people off in small towns. Why would they change their schedule right before Christmas as well. A lot of these people are seniors or low income.

It's really too bad they stopped the passenger train service so many years ago in Western Canada.

Oh well I'm a day behind but I'll see the cats tomorrow.

Hope you had a great Saturday and a good week.


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