Sunday, January 09, 2011

Day 9 - Damage control

The 10min theater festival was a lot of fun yesterday. Skits ranged from hilarious to insightful and I would definitely go again. It got me thinking that I rarely if ever go to the theater and my city has so much to offer. Definitely something to keep in mind with all my 3 day weekends. Next weekend theirs a fitness expo that might be neat to check out.

The damage control kicks in when it came to food. I had a salad (with bacon) for dinner but then had the triple decker banana cake (so so good). We went to the play but then afterwards went to James Joyce pub had a beverage some nachos and deep fried pickles (never tried these before but boy were they good).

Sufficite to say it was not a point friendly day by any sense of the imagination. However every thing is tracked and I'm holding myself accountable. This means the focus must be like iron for the rest of the week. This means stick to my daily points, exercise and drink my water. No exceptions. I can do it.

Today I had to pick up a perscription at Walmart which meant I could go to the gym as they are near each other. It was a blistery cold day so if I didn't absolutely have to go out I would have been tempted to stay in a warm house. I got delayed by my laundry so I headed out a bit later than I had planned originally.

I was planning to race from Walmart to the gym so I could get a decent workout in before they closed. I was thwarted by the lunch hour of the pharmacy so had to wait longer than I anticipated.

I had forgotten that the gym closes at 3pm today so I did 20min of rowing, 20min of bike and 20min of treadmill. I had wanted to do 40min of treadmill but I pretty much wrapped up with enough time to get bundled up and head out. I will be doing yoga again a little later. That's still 1hr40 of activity today so nothing to sneeze at. Note to self on Sundays plan an earlier workout.

While at Walmart I also picked up a portable dvd player so I can hook it up to my tv in my camp room, that will solve the yoga dvd problem plus I can take other workout dvds with me and take the portable dvd player to one of the workout rooms too.

Alright my friends I hope your Sunday was nice and I'll talk to you later.


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