Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15 - Down 0.6

I weighed myself at home before I left for weigh in and saw 171.3, got to weigh in and saw 172.8. At home I have WW scale and they used to be bang on the same. It might be the placement of my home scale. I'll wait and see what happens next Saturday. I got the weigh in person I like the least and she asked me if I was following the new plan. When I said yes she said she wasn't convinced. I found that odd as this woman works for WW and shouldn't she be pumping the new plan?

That's down 2lbs in 2 weeks, hardly stellar results in my head but a loss at any rate.

I had time to have a good think while I waited for the meeting to start. It was twice as busy as last week so it took awhile for it to start.

I came to the realization that I shouldn't be surprised by my results so far. Two weeks in a row I've had super high point days on the weekend and then played catch up for the rest of the week with activity because I was in the hole for points. Which results in eating all my activity points before I've actually earned them. I do earn them by the end of the week but that's no way to work the program. Having popcorn the day before weigh in probably not the smartest move either. I am happy that I've tracked every moment so that's 3 weeks of tracking each day which is huge as I'd often miss a few days a week before. I've had a good focus on water and activity. Technically I met my goals so far of tracking , water and activity, now I need to focus on the on plan part.

So this week I'm focusing on the basic staying within my daily points and weekly points. I put on my positive attitude bought fruits, veggies and lean protein to eat today, tomorrow and to pack my lunch for Tuesday. Monday will be my most challenging day as I eat all 3 meals out so I'm saving the WP points for that day as a safety net. I've got two months to Vegas and I will be at my lowest weight to date.

There was no rest today as when I got home from groceries I had time to eat lunch and then had to go downtown to get my hair cut and pick up my shoes.

I got these online and picked them up in the store so I didn't have to pay shipping. On the top are my new plaid converse. The sales girl opened the box to check the sizes and looked at me and said "These are sick". Which took me a few seconds to realize that was a good thing.

The bottow are my new plaid birkenstocks..yes I have a thing for plaid. At site I have a pair of mary jane birks so I needed a pair for home.

I also got my hair cut at Aveda and finally articulated that I needed something that does not need a hair dryer as I don't use one at site due to the loudness and disturbing people on night shift (walls are thin).

I got something that seemed to be very inspired by Edna.

And turned out like this (kind of crappy picture taken with the camera in my computer).

I also think it's slightly Vulcan inspired but I like it. It's easy to duplicate with a straightener and it's sort of funky. I've always like Edna Mode at any rate. The funny part it will be darker tomorrow as it's time to colour.

Activity today was 30min of walking in the stupid cold weather and I will be bonding with my yoga mat tonight.

Hope your Saturday was awesome.



Enz said...

I think this is the first pic I've seen of you. It's so nice to "see" you for the first time :)

I love the shoes.

And that WW person should NOT be making comments about your weigh in and should definitely not be making judgements, it is not only rude but unprofessional.

Chubby McGee said...

AMAZING JOB! 2 lbs. in two weeks is great. You have to look at it like this: it's not a gain and it's a healthy amount of weight to lose in that amount of time. Great work!

Also, I think I might have to steal your shoes. Both pairs! I love them! I once had a ton of Cons, but my feet got fat (I don't care what anyone says. When I gained weight, my feet got wider, too.)

And your hair looks great. Great!


Leanne said...

LOVE your plaid chucks... they are "sick"

Dude - take the 2 lbs in 2 weeks and run with it.

You are doing it.

The Swan said...

love the birks!!!!