Saturday, January 08, 2011

Day 8 - weigh in results and thoughts on the week

I was down 1.4lbs today and I have to admit a little disappointed with that but then I remembered my japanaese foodapalooza on Thursday which probaby wasn't so wise so close to weigh in. I'm shaking that out of my head as a loss is a loss.

The goal for this week is to limit the treats mind you it should be a wee easier as the hormones are back in check. So that means if there's a cookie next week it's because I was at the end of the day and had pts to spare.

Today is my treat day and all must be tracked. I got a parcel from my cousin in Germany with a shwack of individual packages of kleenex. It's not kleenex it's Taschentucher. These are 4ply and stand up to way more than a traditional tissue. I was out and there must have been about 40 packs in there acting as protective packaging. I also got all the Stieg Larson books in German. That will be a test for me. Of course Mozart Kugeln, my all time favourite chocolate.

Exercise is done as I met K at the gym for 60min of zumba. I don't think she's a fan but I'm proud of her for trying it. I also walked to weigh in as there wasn't any snow the wind was a little viscious. Between the meeting and the gym I hit walmart and picked up a book from the library. After zumba I grabbed a few groceries and the parcel. Took a cab home because I was exhausted and the weather was starting to turn.

Tonight we're supposed to go to a 10 Minunte Play Festival with M. Each group of actors gets a theme or object and then must write a 10min play. They have 24hours so they go there subjects last night. I'm hoping the weather doesn't get stupid. There will be dinner beforehand but the great thing is K is also focused on being a healthier self so it's nice to have an ally.

I'll also be doing my yoga practice today as dinner is not till 6pm.

I'll be back tomorrow and I hope your Saturday is fabulous.

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